New collection - Fall 2022

Reinventing Fashion

Fixation Udesign is an accessory that is in a league of its own. Transformable and adaptable, this sleek accent can be worn in countless different ways to suit any occasion.

Be ready for everything!

Being adapatable

Do you take life by the horns? Are you ready for anything?

Be ready to take advantage of everything this life has to offer... and looking amazing while doing it!

Tasteful and Modern

There is no need to question it, it just is.

Why us?

Reason one

Udesign is made of the finest garment leather alongside precisely fitted stainless steel accents to create a unique concept all its own. The ability to wrap anything and slide the accents anywhere makes this one of the most adaptable fashion accessories created. Wear it over cloths, under cloths, with swimwear or simply around your waist to give shape to any loose silhouette and you have got instant style.

Reason two

Purchasing local is now more important then ever to ensure the healthy recovery of the Canadian economy for future generations to come. Scaling down, going back to basics and supporting small businesses is how we will heal our hearts. Fixation is proud to be a local, hand-made Canadian product made with love.

Each piece is made with love

Hand made by people who take pride in making a local, designer product and are proud to be a part of rebuilding the Canadian economy one small business at a time.

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