Double Diamond Handbag
Double Diamond Handbag
Double Diamond Handbag
Double Diamond Handbag
Double Diamond Handbag
Double Diamond Handbag

Double Diamond Handbag

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Modular HANDBAG, 7 in 1 and more 

your ultimate travel companion re-imagined 

- Many styles of handbag
- Necklace and bracelet set
- Belt 
- Full bracelet
- Many necklaces
- Anklet 
- Many bag straps 

Crafted from luxurious ultra-soft leather, this versatile accessory is comprised of three separate pieces; a bracelet, necklace, and leather sac.  When united together, they transform into a variety of accessories with a simple wrap and clip. From handbags to necklace and bracelet sets, many long and short necklaces to bold and simple bracelets, and even belts to anklets, this innovative design adapts to your every look, making it the perfect accessory for travel.

Lightweight and richly appealing, the Udesign Double Handbag complements any ensemble, whether for a special event or a casual outing.

The secret to its versatility lies in the fluid nature of the leather, which seamlessly takes on any style desired. Wrap and clip to create your own unique look, knowing that each arrangement will be perfectly random.

The “Double” is our richest design featuring two strands of leather garnished with hardware as the handbag strap (which also doubles as all your jewelry).  It is available in 2 versions; Shift and Halo.  In Shift, the hardware glides along the leather, ensuring a consistently balanced style. In contrast, Halo boasts a focal point design with adjustable rings, allowing for the transformation of the style from inline to v-shaped by adjusting the clip positioned at the center of the rings.